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Refactor Merge Started

A great deal of work has gone into a refactor/redesign of the theme, and now it is being merged into mainline.

Table of Contents

After a great deal of experimental effort with a refactor/redesign of the theme, it’s time to start merging into mainline.

Merged into 1.3.0 to date


  • We ‘vendor’ the various third-party modules we use so that all the code used by the theme is now in the theme repo.
  • We handle the ‘meta refresh’ index.html files generated by the use of aliases when doing testing/CI (we skip them because tidy chokes on them).
  • Reduce the chances of infinite recursion in sitemenu,localnav, etc tree walk and node filtering.

Theme-user Facing

  • We’ve improved the usage of ToCSS so that SCSS proccessing now gives useful filenames and line numbers in addition to eliminating the SCSS partials (as templates) and moving them to actual SCSS in assets.
  • We’ve added three ‘linters’ (SCSS/SASS, Javascript, and Markdown) which are available as ‘sass-lint’, ‘eslint’, and ‘markdownlint’.
  • sass-lint and eslint have been integrated into the CI process.
  • We’ve made Hugo Extended optional for most users. There are some uses that still require the extended version of Hugo, but most users will find Hugo Basic is enough for their needs.
  • We’ve increased the size of the summary returned by search as well as ensured the search results have the right styling to be displayed.
  • We’ve implemented Hugo render hooks so that we now have Github Flavoured Markdown compatibility.
  • We’ve added a number of dummy pages for testing the menus
  • RSS Feed generator now includes child section news items.
  • We’ve reduced some of the excessive whitespace in generated HTML files in order to make them easier read.
  • Improved the contact form alternate email address
  • Added recent changes vs. recent additions sidebar and shortcode.
  • Remove extraneous h1 headings.
  • Fix page license default.
  • Remove rollup-hoversite (hover here for … information) accessibility issue. It was an interesting concept but creates accessibility issues, so we remove it.
  • Improve the way summary and descriptions are handled for .Render "summary".

Demo Site

  • We’ve moved the news items into a separate news section (except for the ‘Lorem Ipsum’-type test pages).
  • A number of content/doc tweaks.

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