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Accessibility Statement

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When located at primary location

The following statements apply to this site when hosted at https://hugo-oldnew-mashup.wildtechgarden.ca

Colour Scheme

The display colours have been chosen for high contrast. All combinations of foreground and background colour in the theme used on this site should meet or exceed the w3.org’s WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AAA standard for contrast. In addition, effort has been made to avoid the use of colour alone to provide information (that is colour is an enhancement not a requirement to effectively use and understand the site).

Font Size

Where possible the font size is responsive; on devices with higher resolutions the font size is automatically increased to compensate for what is often a higher DPI.

Avoiding Flicker

This site has dropped a ‘smooth font scaling’ Javascript from use because its tendency to cause screen redraws, which results in flicker.


All pages are run through the Tidy HTML ‘linter’ which provides fairly good validation of the the page HTML (after conversion from Markdown) during Travis CI ‘builds’ (or manually). In addition, the live pages have been validated against the W3C’s (Web standards organization) page validator. Having valid HTML and CSS helps screenreaders and magnifiers properly parse the pages.

Further Tidy’s validations checks for WCAG guidelines have been performed and acted upon.

If You Find A Barrier to Accessibility

Please do not hesitate to contact the site operator in the event you find some barrier to accessibility on this site. The site operator strives to keep the site accessible.

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